Commercial Collections

Every collection matter placed with Greenstein and Solotke is handled entirely by its attorneys.  Greenstein and Solotke is not a collection agency and does not employ robo-calls or non-attorney collectors.  Instead, an attorney contacts the debtor to afford an opportunity to resolve the matter, and unless resolved, a law suit is promptly filed.  This fundamental difference gets the debtor’s attention.  Discussions begin.  Issues are addressed and resolved.  Cases are settled or trials conducted.

Even after a judgment is won for the client, some debtors require additional persuasion before payment begins.  Greenstein and Solotke’s attorneys understand exactly what to do.  We will discuss the options with you, the client, and develop a plan of action.  The plan may include supplemental proceedings designed to ascertain and attach sufficient assets of the debtor to pay the judgment amount, court costs and, where allowed by the Court, attorneys fees.

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